The next wearables craze. Your shoes.

Nike did make a shoe based product in the early 2000s. I feel companies might now take things to the next level.

I feel there are quite a bit of exciting opporunties to make a stylized line of shoes. FitBit smart shoes anyone?

Note : FitBit is just a suggested company that might make something like this. ( i have no FitBit affiliation )

Ones with plenty of room for battery cells. That flex with your foot travel and offer very large charging capacities.

Oh snap! With a perfect place to always have the cable. One that snaps tightly around shoe for walking. And un-snaps for charging. Note: The cable would wrap all the way around the shoe. The cable could be long enough to reach your devices.

Magnetized snapped for travel. The cable is secure and snug. Even for running.

We also spend a lot of time sitting and playing with our phones. This puts your shoes super close to devices needing charging.

Thermal protection for your feet is a must. Using fireproof fabrics just in-case extreme battery conditions occur.

Waterproofing for electronics has improved quite a bit. These shoes are puddle stomping ready.

VR wireless device are available, sending the video feed wirelessly to the headset. But, your phone doesn’t have the GPU power to drive them. And even if your phone did, it would drain the battery quickly.

So, how about putting the large and powerful brains that drive your VR in the shoes? Giving that GPU plenty of power from the large battery.

More slides coming :

  • Using your shoes to track movement in VR space. We walk in shoes, let’s use them to track your movements in VR.
  • Shoes must be balanced in weight perfectly. Left and right shoes would have electronics across both.