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He is as far up the oil companies butss as last weeks terd. Oklahoma never had earthquakes before fracking started and good old boy pruitt made sure a law was passed that forbade any suing of the oil companied, or interference withfracking in any way while working ever so hard to repeal the tax credits that wind power receives for the electricity they make. I live in tulsa and my water pipes have been broken, my drain pipes from an upstairs bathroom have been broken and cracks in the walls that appeared exactly when the earthquakes happened. Mr. pruit thinks it is god’s will that my pipes broke even though the downstairs pipes did not. He whas not answered any requests or enquiries for over two years unless they were good old oil company requests and they were immediately granted. Pruit is a COMPLETE TOAD. He worked hard to fix it where it is impossible to sue an oil company in oklahoma for any reason whatever. To place this man in the EPA is to insult environmentalists anywhere and everywhere. To call him an imbecile is to insult imbeciles worldwide.