People. That’s what it boils down to. In School. In Sports. In Business. In Life. It’s always the people who matter most.

The people who are there for you. The people who lift you up when you are most vulnerable. The people who make you realize that it’s them who make this whole roller coaster ride called life so special.

I sat through a “business” meeting today with five colleagues of mine and a boss. At no point did it feel that way. It was more like seven PEOPLE who genuinely gave a shit about what they were trying to achieve and genuinely gave a shit about the people who they were trying to achieve it with. And I don’t mean just trying to achieve that. I mean emotionally trying to do something most don’t believe in. That’s rare today. Like, really rare.

It’s rare because most people could care less about the individuals they work with or the path they are on. They ask the cliche questions on Monday morning. “How was your weekend?”. “Did you do anything exciting?”. “What are your plans next weekend?” Blah, blah, blah. They do what they are doing because they feel fate dealt them a wrong hand, not because that is where they should be.

That’s all bullshit. I sat around a table today with seven people that society tells me I should have nothing in common with. The only problem is, society is wrong. Those same seven people are EXACTLY like me. They may come from different backgrounds. They may look different. And they may have different interest than I do. But at our core, we are all exactly the same. At that core, we don’t give a shit about what society thinks.

We are a group of misfits. A group of contradictions. Most importantly, we are a group of people looking for something deeper. Looking for impact.

We haven’t found it yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t. We are playing the long game. Slowly, but more importantly, steadily, we are chipping away at the marble of our success. It doesn’t make sense for now. And that’s OK. It will someday.

So I applaud those who have chose the normal route. That’s perfectly fine.

But don’t diminish us for straying off path. Because the only problem for you is… we’re just getting started. And once we do, look out.