Anthony Sims

She’s wrong about the scope of what she’s talking about. Yes, we already do automate many of the simpler things. She goes on to use examples of middleware that’s just supposed to magically work every time without people having to know what to do when it goes wrong. She uses the basic CRUD app as an example. Well that basic application is written using some code, and that basic application is almost never going to satisfy all of a client’s business requirements without customization. Who’s going to do that customization? Who’s going to troubleshoot that application when it’s not doing what it should? Someone’s got to know the code. Why do you think major software-as-a-service applications have a customization team that works with clients to meet their special needs? Because it takes a person to figure out how to meet those needs and that person has to understand how to code those customizations. It’s perfectly fair to say that the building blocks we use to make things will keep getting better and more sophisticated. And yes we will have tools that allow us to more easily create simpler applications without coding. We already do. But no, coding is not over, and yeah she’s wrong.