The Windsor Castle Beer Festival

As it’s a Bank Holiday and the sun was shining for a change, it seemed the perfect time for a beer festival. Well, Surrey doesn’t disappoint. The Windsor Castle Beer Festival in Carshalton is a three-day beer festival with around 20 different beers to sample. It would have been wrong to ignore this special occasion so I popped down to see what was on offer.

I’ve written a little taste profile of the beers below; it’s worth trying them all if you come across them. I managed to try three, sadly life was too full to spend the whole afternoon with the barrels.

Coastal Cornish Bronze (3.7%), Coastal Brewery

Certainly a moreish bitter that is brewed with Marris Otter, crystal and chocolate malts. You could certainly taste the crystal malts; the chocolate malts were subtle. The actual colour of the beer was a brown with perhaps a hint of red. As the ABV is low you could comfortably drink a lot of this ale, enjoying its flavour without causing risk to society!

Coastal Cornish Bronze beer

Pictish Alchemists Ale (4.3%), Pictish Brewing Company

If you like a strong hoppy finish, then this is the beer for you. It’s a pale straw coloured ale with some crystal malt flavours. The ABV percentage is more of my choosing but the stronger floral flavours may not be for some. It was perhaps a slightly more lively carbonated beer compared to the others, but a little tricky to tell.

Red Dwarf (4.5%), Black Hole Brewery

With a doubt, my favourite beer at the festival. It shares a similar colour to the St Peter’s Ruby Red I’m currently brewing. In fact, the beer even uses the same Goldings hops. The fruity finish was perfectly balanced with the malt flavours — you have to try it.