The Most Powerful Algorithm in the World
Joe Brewer

The problem is the Facebook’s algorithm is not the only problem…. we are inundated with “fake news” articles on a daily basis from all corners of the so-called media…..

They left out the “Fake News” that is reported by the likes of — — — Yahoo , The Huffington Post , Salon , Vox , Esquire , Slate , Mother Jones , Jesebelle , Politico , Snopes , Media Matters , The Washington Post and others…..
But they also ignore the LIES and Half Truths reported by the likes of ABC , CBS , NBC , MSNBC , CNN and others …….
I, for one, have NOT seen such collaboration between the Media and the Democrat Party since Pravda was the Official News Propaganda Agency for the old Soviet Union ( USSR )…..
Stalin would be so PROUD!!!

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