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It’s a conflicting time to be a Jew in America. We’ve never had it as bad in the United States as some.

Since the third or fourth grade, I studied the Holocaust and hated it. Not because it was an abhorrent tragedy that shouldn’t have happened — I understood how wrong it was the moment the death toll number hit me in the face — but because I was just tired of hearing about it. …

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This article originally appeared on Crossfader Magazine’s website, entitled “WONDER WOMAN: Voting With Your Bucks.”

The caveat I’m about to make is a reluctant one. Why can’t women get a win anymore without men coming in and taking away their mic? So it has to be said: WONDER WOMAN is a victory for women and men everywhere who believe that representation in front of, and behind, the camera is important. WONDER WOMAN is an achievement in being a female-led film that has done well and will continue to do well at the box office.

Anyone who remembers Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter’s leaked emails from the Sony Hack understands the stupid, persisting conviction that female-led films are a financial risk simply because they are female-led. This was always bullshit, because Perlmutter wasn’t accounting for the real reason these movies didn’t do well: Hollywood’s blockbuster and franchise mentality. WONDER WOMAN director Patty Jenkins herself, the first woman to direct a summer tent-pole superhero film, a film with a female protagonist, and a film with as a high of a budget, backed out of directing 2013’s THOR: THE DARK WORLD just because the stakes were so high. With staunch, old, white guys like Perlmutter in charge, it’s no wonder she did so. (Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige even staged a coup to get around his old whiteness.) It also makes Wonder Woman’s achievement such a worthy one to celebrate. …

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This article previously appeared on The Panther Online and in its print edition, where the school was kind enough to devote almost a full page. In an effort to own up to my previous work and consolidate its location into one place, I’m including it here.

I was standing in the lobby of the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts around midnight on Tuesday night when one of the custodians greeted me. She was a hardworking woman who immigrated to this country.

“Do you know who is going to be our next president?” she asked, in broken English. …


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