Woloshin Investment Management’s Investment Philosophy

Making Disciplined Decisions

Michael Woloshin: The way we construct portfolios, the asset managers we select, the products we offer — they’re all based on our core principles. This approaches guides us to select investments designed to complement each other and build wealth and reduce risk. 
Why the WIM Income Portfolio?

We have a unique objective of producing a high level of monthly income during retirement. While the objective is always on creating the potential for growth, we work to reduce downside volatility.
Money Management Meets Income Generation

We focus on current income by actively managing a portfolio of select, securities with the potential for high yields with the objective of creating a monthly cash flow.

The Woloshin Investment Management Difference

Most portfolios focus solely on growth which creates issues when individuals need to generate income. The WIM Income Portfolio uses a strategy that combines interest, dividends, distribution and growth.
Professional Institutional Money Management

Our team has a combined 50+ years of professional portfolio management experience. Our expertise, along with our concierge level of customer service, creates a winning combination for you and your investors.
*There can be no assurance that the income goal will be met. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against losses in declining markets. Past performance does no guarantee future results.
Dividend-paying investments may not experience the same price appreciation as non-dividend-paying investments. Dividend-issuing companies may choose not to pay a dividend or a dividend may be less than what is anticipated.
Investments in equities involve market risk and may potentially lose value.
Unlike equities, bonds involve regular payment of interest and return if held to maturity. Bonds sold prior to maturity may be worth more or less than their face value. Bonds are also vulnerable to interest rate risk and credit risk.

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