Who needs edittors?
Jeff Jarvis

Editors As Writers

Bravo Jeff… the revolution is underway!

I have relatively limited experience with editors and have no doubt they bring value to the writing profession. But some (certainly not all by any means), come across as wannabe writers.

As I prepare to publish my first children’s story, I have encountered suggestions to improve ‘the narrative’, recommendations to enhance ‘the story arc’ and probing questions, such as — ‘what is the dog really thinking at this point?’

And then the two that really got me… “Who will design the book?”, and “Have you selected a Font Specialist”.

Really, a Font Specialist? These people exist?

It’s a children’s story folks… beta tested on dozens of children… who seem to like the story arc and don’t delve too deeply into what the dog is thinking.

And the target market of 2–4 year old children are more interested in a floppy-eared Golden Retriever named Molly, than in whether the font is Chalkduster or Noteworthy. And they really, really want to know if she finds the lost shoe more than what her state of mind is!

Taking one look at Miss Molly… http://twsthewrightstuff.blogspot.com , will give you all you need to know about her state of mind. It’s, well, happy!

I’ll be the first (well, okay, maybe not the first) to admit I need help with sentence structure, syntax and word selection (occasionally), but I am the storyteller… I am the writer.

So if you are an editor… please edit.

Leave the story arc to the imagination!

Miss Molly
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