Arise To Launch 1,100 Crypto ATMs

Arise To Launch 1,100 Crypto ATMs — AriseBank is the world’s first decentralized banking product and features one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms ever built. aBank is completely decentralized, which means it’s never hosted in their data center and they never touch your money. It’s entirely hosted on the user’s desktop and mobile devices.

The company is focused on bringing cryptocurrency to the average consumer and using it to revolutionize banking.

This past week Arise announced that they have reached an agreement with a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured bank that has been in operation in the US for over a century. The acquisition, in addition to a new partnership with decentralized exchange platform Bitshares, will occur before the end of the year.

With this acquisition, AriseBank, the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency bank, now has the full financial capabilities of traditional banking combined with the power of real-time cryptobanking including a global network of ATM’s, debit cards and an AI trading platform.

Arise Will Launch 1,100 Digital Asset ATMs Worldwide

This creates an unprecedented bridge between traditional finance and the new digital economy. Arise aTMs will be located in over 1,100 locations around the globe in over 20 countries including large markets like the United States, South Korea,and United Arab Emirates.

Customers will be able to walk up to any AriseBank aTM and withdraw their local fiat in exchange for cryptocurrencies in their AriseBank accounts. The aTMs will support over 700 digital assets.

“Instantly cash out from over 700 digital assets in your AriseBank account and get cash in hand immediately.”

This will help make cryptocurrencies universally spendable and convertible on a scale we have never before seen. There are other companies in the crypto ATM business, however none of them will be supported by such a large financial network.

Designed For A Digital Future All Arise products are designed for the digital age including their aTMs. Arise aTMs are completely powered by Raspberry PIs, aOS operating system and T-Mobile’s network.

Together, this creates the ultimate ATM network for the “Internet of Things” and the first decentralized ATM network ever. Thanks to the Raspberry, it also has the smallest carbon footprint of any ATM in the world.

Arise has designed their products to not only be functional but extremely secure. The company claims…

“Our AriseTMs™ are just as safe as our AriseBank mobile and desktop applications. Customers first verify their identity with their AriseCard, an onboard camera facially identifies the client and then asks for your CoinPin, creating the securest and most powerful digital asset ATM network in the world.”

The AriseCard allows customers to spend cryptocurrency anywhere VISA is accepted, using a physical AriseCard or by tapping their phone anywhere NFC-capable devices are available. Alongside the aTMs and AriseCard, Arise is offering a complete suite of financial services for individuals and businesses, including:

AriseID a revolutionary verification platform, that is able to protect your information by never storing it within the banking platform, while also making sure they know you are who you say you are.

AriseBank provides security without ever knowing your identity.

aEx designed with the novice and beginner digital asset traders in mind, you can easily buy, sell or exchange cryptos instantly, with zero fees using aEx.

aiExchanger utilizing an AI-based predictive algorithm, aiExchanger will auto-trade one cryptocurrency for another across 50+ different exchanges, to create daily gains in your Arise account.

aTransfer you can send or receive money, anywhere in the world for free and in seconds.

aPocket for safe keeping use aPocket, a hardware wallet connected to over 700 cryptocurrencies.

aPay is a merchant service for companies and web platforms looking to accept digital currencies at checkout.

All of the services and products offered by Airse are focused on bringing consumers and cryptocurrencies together. Even though 2017 has been a banner year for Bitcoin and the entire digital asset market, there are still barriers to entry.

The industry is still struggling to bring cryptocurrency to the average consumer. The addition of a brick and mortar location as well as the extensive network of aTMs signals a new level of integration into society.

While many see cryptocurrency adoption as a direct competitor to banking, Arise CEO Jared Rice Sr. sees it as an improvement on the current system.

“Some will say cryptocurrencies are here to replace banking but we believe they improve banking, by making banking transparent, more secure, faster, cheaper and even profitable for the consumer.”

Arise launched their ICO in November, with plans to raise one billion dollars, which if successful, would set a record in the ICO investment space. The company has ambitions for aggressive expansion. The bank acquisition, ICO launch and aTM plans are happening concurrently with the announcement of a strategic partnership with BitShares, the world’s busiest financial blockchain as seen on

AriseBank, the first decentralized bank is teaming with BitShares, the first decentralized exchange to provide the most comprehensive digital finance platform ever assembled. Expect more developments from Arise over 2018 as funding is secured through their ICO.