The Third Bitcoin Fork is the One to Watch!

Michael Taggart
Jul 31, 2017 · 2 min read

While the entire world is watching the breakup of Bitcoin in a philosophical war between its various factions, a third dark horse candidate is about to burst onto the scene. The better-known tines of the August fork in the Bitcoin road make very conservative changes and modest performance gains. But the third fork advocated by industry iconoclast Stan Larimer takes the quantum leap approach. He recommends a “pitch fork” and suggests that, for the good of humanity, Bitcoin insiders should pitch the old code and upgrade to something better able to handle the transaction load coming its way.

In a flurry of entertaining and interlocking blog articles at, Larimer makes his case for a parallel, massive upgrade to Bitcoin without breaking the old one. Instead he says its time for Bitcoin to go multiplatform. He calls his solution “Bitcoin United” (BTCX) because it recognizes that a quantum leap ahead of the other solutions is the only way to prevent recurring flavor of the month fragmentation over petty differences. “A fork in time saves nine”, says Larimer.

Here are the seven must read posts in the order you should read them. If your are in a hurry, don’t miss the last three — Doc Brown’s three part series on how to take Bitcoin back to the future. (Part 3 comes out on the August 1 after the 3-way split has been “locked into blockchain history”.) You will never look at Bitcoin the same way again.

Please Don’t Change Bitcoin, You’ll Break It

Bitcoin Unchained — The Platform Independence Movement

The Coming Bitcoin Pitch Fork

Bitcoin United (BTCX) Offers 3 Second Transactions and Massive Throughput

Doc Brown’s Multiple Bitcoins Theory

Doc Brown’s Lab Experiments with Multiple Bitcoins

Doc Brown’s Big Heroic Audacious Goals for Bitcoin — (coming August 1)

Michael Taggart

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A serial entrepreneur that has a knack for identifying disruptive technology.

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