Predictions: What Will Things Be Like 100 Years in the Future [infographic]

Samsung recently commissioned the world’s leading futurists, architects, technological forecasters, and sociological soothsayers to look at what life may be like in the year 2116. produced the following infographic giving us a glimpse of what could be ahead.

The full publication containing all predictions can be found here.

The predictions generally fall into 5 categories:

  1. Future Living -
    The report predicts that homes of the future will be be 3D-printed by swarms of drones, and that cities will take completely different shapes than what we are used to. Cities in the future will use stronger materials such as carbon nanotubes that will allow us to build skyscrapers that are unlike anything we’ve seen.
     On land they will be taller and stronger, but we will also be able to build cities underwater and underground, or in arcologies (architectural ecologies) that will dwarf today’s tallest structures.
  2. Science and Research
     The fusion of humans and machines will blur the lines of what is human and what is not.
  3. Medicine and Ageing
     In 100 years, much of healthcare will take place in our own homes. Walk-in medical capsules or pods capable of multispectral scanning will constantly assess our bodies for disease or damage.
  4. Leisure and Travel
     There will be a rise of a “nomadic and rootless” culture as private sub-orbital spaceflight blurs the lines between nations. 3D-printed homes may be folded up and moved to new locations.
  5. Space Travel
     Humans will become an multiplanetary species, using new propulsion technology to explore the solar system with manned flight.

Source: VisualCapitalist

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Originally published at Property Update.

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