The cold reality: Money does make people happier

What makes people happy?


A recent study probably confirmed what you always thought:

People’s appearance and their money dominate how satisfied they feel about life

The study’s author Dr David Frederick found:

  • Among women, appearance was the third strongest predictor of how satisfied they were with life. The top two places were taken by money and satisfaction with their partner.
  • For men their appearance came second in predicting how satisfied they were with life — it was second only to how happy they were with their financial situation.

Other key findings from the study included:

  • People who watched more hours of television per week were less satisfied with their appearance and weight.
  • People who were more satisfied with their physical appearance and weight reported more secure attachment styles, versus fearful and dismissive attachment styles.
  • People who were more satisfied with their appearance reported greater self-esteem, greater satisfaction with life, sex life, friends, romantic partners, family, and financial situation.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) was strongly related to dissatisfaction with appearance and weight.

Dr Frederick said:

“…body dissatisfaction and anxious attachment styles can lead to an out of control spiral and fuel each other.
People who are less confident in their appearance become more fearful that their partner will leave, which further fuels their worries about their appearance.”

Source: PsyBlog

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