What to do before submitting to 80/20 Records

Michael Zimmerlich
Aug 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Here are our guidelines of how we select the artists we feel are a good match for 80/20 Records.

What do we look for?


Style of music matters as each can have a different audience. If you’re not sure we’re the right fit for your genre look at our current roster and ask yourself if your music fits with the other artists.


Although not always a make-or-break deal we do look at an artist’s numbers to see what kind of attention they are getting. This could be attendance at shows, social media, Spotify streams, etc.


The biggest aspect we look at is the quality of an artist’s recording or performance. If we don’t feel that we can represent an artist and get results it doesn’t help out any of us to bring them on-board. So we have to be absolutely honest if we don’t think the recordings or performance is where we need it to be to help.

What should you submit?


Seems obvious but we need to listen to your music before we can make a decision! Finished recordings are preferred.


A video of your performance helps a lot to see what we can do for you. It doesn’t have to be filmed by Steven Spielberg but a decent video from a venue or even a rehearsal is fine.


We want to see what you already have put together and what kind of audience you’re attracting. A website or social media links will do.

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