Why Bitcoin is Different than other Cryptocurrencies
Jimmy Song

Funny story Bitcoin developer, what he can write other than praising BTC and only BTC. BTC BTC BTC man take a look around although BTC is great store of value it is not ultimate solution to problems of this world. But i know you store all your value in BTC so you have to praise it and keep the price going up after all, but i would say do what you can best and instead of doing PR focus on dev, so that BTC can be better. Saying mantra that BTC is best and only solution for everything is not gonna make it come true. And remember the community started using BTC, but also community may decide to stop using it. and although i love BTC as store of value (which still is not so proven we had 80% drops in history) but i hate it for 10–30 mins transactions and high tx fees, this is too slow nowadays to keep using it for things like we use ETH or XRP. And smart-contracts is really great band-wagon that BTC failed to hop-on…

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