Let us be Europeans!

Do not let our generations sink !

Our generation — the 30 something — have grown and have been part of a European and as a result a global community. We grew up using the Euro as a currency — at least in our adult years.

The common currency made easy, simple and cheap* to travel abroad, see other people, exchange ideas, meet other cultures, develop ourselves. Τhe common currency helped the most in all of the above.

Many of us had the chance to study, live, work abroad in the EU. It was easy to do it with a common currency.

I feel very lucky that I had the chance to travel abroad, study abroad, work abroad and -at the time I write these lines- do business with EU companies. Τhe common currency helped the most in all of the above.

Our generation would not have been the same without the common currency across the EU. It would not have been that open-minded, that well educated, that full of ideas if not a common currency have not been in use.

Many people-and I fully understand that-have not that chance till now to do all the above. But they will definitely miss the chance to do it in the future if Greece exits the common european currency.

It will be a social, educational and humanitarian disaster to exit the common european currency; let alone the financial of course.

Next generations will be isolated from the EU community.

How does that sound to you?

Last days had many talks with Greek friends and academics working in the EU. Some of them are scared some of them are optimistic.

They all agree in one thing though; if Greece exits the common european currency, every work with Greek companies, every collaboration with Greek educational institutions will be at least very difficult.

I remain calm but concerned.

I hope I will be part of a European community for the coming years and beyond.

I hope that my and next generations will not sink in an isolated and introverted country.

I hope that my fellow Greeks understand what is in stake on Sunday.

I hope that they will be open-minded enough to think in the long and not in the short term; to chose over a future-even difficult one- than no future.


P.S 1 The referendum is -and it is quite clear now- actually about being or not being in the Euro Area

P.S 2 Ask your parents or older ones about how easier were their lives and works before and after Euro era.

P.S 3 Go vote on Sunday! There is no longer an excuse !

*it is a fact that traveling by plane within Greece is still more expensive that traveling in some of the biggest capitals of Europe

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