How Does It Feel To Move to A New Country And Open A New Business

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Six months ago my partner and I moved to Berlin. Without jobs, relocation package or any support system, we basically had to start from scratch. Before we moved here I didn’t have any aspiration to create my own business, I didn’t have the mindset of an entrepreneur. I was searching for a job and literally just went crazy about it, I sent my CV to every job position that seemed suitable and got rejected, time and time and time again. I felt like so many doors are closing on me. It felt as if all of Berlin was out of my reach and I did not know what I should do next.

It was then, that my partner encouraged me to create my own business, he told me: “Well you know so much about how businesses work and how to promote them. Why don’t you start your own business and promote it yourself”? I didn’t know exactly how to say it then, but I know how phrase it now: I felt really insecure. I felt as if I don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow morning, where are we going to live so how can I open a business in this situation. He just told me “try”. So I did.

I started sending messages to colleagues, friends that I’m free and ready to get booked for jobs. I thought about creating my own website and started to talk to other people about who I am and what I plan to do.

My aim was to take my insecurities and make them my superpower, this is what I did:

  1. The first thing was joining a coworking space, called JuggleHub it really gave me the support I needed. I now had an office to go to every day and it help me to rebuild my routine.
  2. Rediscovering my true-self and setting up my priorities. It’s true I knew who I am before we started this journey, but I felt so lost at the beginning that I needed to reinvent myself in this new territory.
  3. Taking my strengths and pushing them even further. I know my strengths and limits, but I needed to get out of my comfort zone, and since I already left behind me all I know — it was not that much of a problem. I realized I had to lean in on myself and my skills and that this will be my anchor.
  4. Stop interviewing for jobs. That’s right. At first it made no sense, but then I realized that by continuing to push myself beyond my limits during the job hunt, it only hurt my self-esteem and my mind and actually it did not make me move forward.
  5. Search for networking opportunities. Because I didn’t know anyone in Berlin I had to find people both for my professional and social needs. So I put myself out there, in real life and on social media. That’s how I got to know so many good people that I can now call my friends. That’s how I got to know my team Clustered in which I am also working as the head of marketing.
  6. Create a series of workshops. I really enjoy speaking in front of an audience and also teaching others about marketing. That’s one of my strengths, so I decided to use it and create my own series of workshops, called: “How Successful is Your Marketing Strategy?”

I am now six months after we left home, I still miss it a lot and I know where my heart belongs. It’s a tough experience and I had my share of ups and downs. Nevertheless I am really proud of myself! Having to deal with so many issues like finding a flat, discovering a new city and talking in three different languages, establish my own business and still have blast is very uncommon. Of course, not all is perfect and I had a gazillion panic attacks, I had my fair share of crying, but you know what — it only made me stronger. And that’s what I want to leave you with. Bottom line, Believe in yourself, even if in the beginning you don’t know where or how to start, just start with something and see how you feel about it, the rest will follow.

Oh and if you want to take a look at my new website! Here it is>>

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Michal Lasman — Taking a moment to rethink my life

Entrepreneur at, speaker and former Head of marketing at Clustered. I enjoy writing about the back scene of business and marketing✎❤✎

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