Astonishing five years, HotelQuickly. Time to move on!

In October 2012, I joined Tomas Laboutka and Christian Mischler to co-found HotelQuickly; a last-minute hotel-booking mobile-first company, based in one of the most exciting markets — Asia-Pacific.

I still remember how Tomas called me and pitched this fantastic opportunity. My wife, Martina, who was pregnant back then, was surprisingly supportive about the relocation from Prague (Czech Republic) to Bangkok (Thailand). I guess she didn’t think of staying here with kids for five years ;-) #thanks

This is how my journey began. On Oct 29 I was already in Bangkok. Still cannot believe I relocated in less than a week 😵
Be spontaneous, grab a great opportunity!


Today, HotelQuickly is an international company serving thousands of customers who travel around the world every month.

I’m proud to see the team of 50+ professionals who push hard every day to win the hearts 💕 of customers while competing with giants such as Expedia,, and Agoda.

It was not a walk in a park to get where we are today!

💡 You can read the full story on HotelQuickly’s About page.

HotelQuickly iOS app, holding in my hand :-)
HotelQuickly iOS app, holding in my hand… #noFakeScreenshot ;-)

Lots of learning

There’s so much learning from this adventure that it deserves a dedicated blog post, I guess.

Building a company is a unique learning experience. As a co-founder, I was sitting on lots of different chairs, in good 🎉 and bad ⛈ time, wearing different hats, and learning about:

  • Building an international company — in Asia — with 💕
  • Development (the initial phase was exciting — building from scratch the frontend, backend, server architecture, operations, … lovely!)
  • Product management (I enjoyed influencing the product vision and direction as a product owner)
  • Cultural differences (at some point, the team consisted of 19 different nationalities)
  • Fundraising (we’ve raised Seed and Series A)
  • Management & Leadership (in 2015 I had 40+ people in my teams, incl. customer service)
  • Customer service (undervalued, yet extremely important!)
  • Travel industry — the inventory supply, OTAs, and meta-search channels are so complex that I hope we’ll find a way how to disrupt it (see below!)
  • …and everything else needed to start and scale up a company.

Moving on…

As a part of restructuring the company, I just finished my hand-over to a new CTO — Pierre Joye from NFQ.Asia — who has an impressive technical background and track record in the travel industry.

Getting out of daily operations, management, and leadership, will allow me to focus on new challenges:

So what?

  1. If you are a blockchain expert, I want to invite you for lunch — let me know!
  2. If you’d like to grab a coffee (in Bangkok, TH) or have a friendly call, please reach out.
  3. In any case, visit my (new 💥) personal page:
HotelQuickly Team … #growth #execution #drive #dataDriven #passion