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Back in the days of the psychonautic adventures of my youth (🧙‍♂️), we’ve observed a particular kind of interaction: a brief exchange of smiles with a lonely stranger, sometime around 4am, often in the middle of what we used to call “transit zones”—vast urban spaces where you have absolutely no reason to be, unless you decided to skip / couldn’t afford a taxi and took a (very) long walk home.

We called this the Captain’s Smile.

It said: “I can tell that you’ve had a great night. I can see that you’re exhausted from partying / dancing / god-knows-what-else-I’m the same, bruv. And we both know that there’s still A LOT to walk. But hey—it’s totally worth it. …

Based on the work of some of the greatest world-class experts on productivity, complexity thinking, health and wellbeing, and more

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All images created by Sílvia Bastos.

Do you feel stuck inside your own head? Do you crave change, but don’t know where to start?

What you need is a paradigm shift.

This article provides you with a list of journaling exercises based on tested tools by world-class experts and thought-leaders (from fields as diverse as health and fitness, habit-building, productivity, business, minimalism, and relationships — among others) that will help you get unlocked, see things differently, and start fresh.

Some of them were already exercises in their original form (such as Tim Ferriss’s ‘ Fear-Setting’ ), and the other ones were adapted from principles and models (such as the ‘Quality/Quantity Trade-off’ or James Clear’s ‘Plateau of Latent Potential’ ), and turned into journaling practices that you can apply to your own experiences. …

An action packed, 3-step method to keep you on track every day.

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You are 100% committed to work effectively towards your goal today.

But then… Nothing happens. So, with a strong resolve, you commit not to procrastinate tomorrow, only to watch with horror as your monkey mind joyfully hops all over the place, engaging in anything but the one thing that you should be doing.

Sounds familiar? At least that’s how it often feels like for me.

Here are two things you need to know in order to beat procrastination:

  1. You need to start doing the (important) task at any cost and stay focused for long enough to get it done. …

Overcome inertia and move ahead on your goals with these proven tools for visual thinking

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Illustration by Sílvia Bastos.

“By far the most significant learning experience in adulthood involves critical self-reflection — reassessing the way we have posed problems and reassessing our own orientation to perceiving, knowing, believing, feeling and acting.”

— Jack Mezirow

I was about to take over the navigational watch when the captain of our sailboat announced: The GPS is dead.

It wouldn’t have worried me so much — if the sea hadn’t be covered with the thickest fog I had ever seen in my life. With the visibility reduced to only a few meters and no GPS available, we were facing hours of blindfolded navigation, hoping to find an archipelago of islands so tiny that its name Ærtholmene comes from the Danish word ært, meaningpea”.

How to create your own habit dashboard that motivates you to stick to any habit

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“The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity.”
- Josh Waitzkin

Highly successful people share one common trait that might, at first, surprise you: consistency. Particularly, consistency in taking regular, small actions that, with time, get them to their goals.

But what does it take to be consistent ourselves?

A UCL study shows that it takes an average of 66 days to build a habit — and it can take much longer if it’s a hard one to develop. That’s a long time! Consistent work on new habits is especially difficult if it takes time for changes to pay off, or if the goal requires us to put aside other pleasures for a time. …

How I learned about trust while hitchhiking across Europe

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My hitchhiking partner waiting for a lift somewhere in Macedonia. All photos by the author.

We were both in our early twenties, the summer was about to bloom, and we couldn’t feel the weight of our backpacks.

The setting was familiar — yet another gas station in the middle of nowhere. Since I first started hitchhiking, some 5 years and 12,000 miles earlier, I have seen a multitude of these, and all highways begin to seem like an open invitation for yet another adventure.

Marta and I were long-time friends and this was not the first time we were hitchhiking together: a boy with a confident smile and a beautiful girl dancing with a red contact juggling ball was the perfect partnership for getting a lift. …

A self-coaching tool based on intuition, to guide you through emotional release.

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Try it one day, it feels amazing. // Photo by the author.

Sometimes there is just too much to handle.

Perhaps you’ve been repressing your emotions for quite a long time. Maybe your work is a source of chronic stress. Or maybe your parent, partner or colleague gets you so angry that you are about to blow, but you’re afraid of consequences. Better keep my mouth shut, you keep telling yourself as you push the anger down your throat. The tension keeps growing.

I can empathize. In fact, sometimes I feel like a ticking time bomb about to cover the world around me with a thick layer of slimy filth. Tic-toc, motherfuckers. …

I know — It’s an unusual combination.

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All illustrations from the author’s notebook.

Take a moment to answer a simple question.

What are my three most important goals?




(Look at your goals regularly. Keep them in your mind and heart. Whenever you reach a milestone, mark the month and location. Love your Journey!)

I’ve done my morning routine then had a run
followed by a cold shower to increase my productivity.

I gave myself a big motivational talk. I am a Top Performer. I know it.
I produce High Quality Content. #passive-income #4hourworkweek

I look up and — the Sun is about to rise above the Valley.

I am blessed with another day and this simple realization fills my entire body. …

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Illustration by Sílvia Bastos.

She loves me intensely
When in a mesmeric sensation
My soul touches Hers curiously,
Lacking belief at first,
That this is real.

It is not a substance-induced experience
It is not digital either
My hand on Her Skin
Becomes familiar
A memory
The one.


I remember from before time started moving
Unbroken Stillness of Absolute Perfection
Before darkness was born with a breath of light
Brightening One Soul blessed with silence.

I was there and so were you
One with everything that surrounded us
Without fear, about to let go
Waiting for the wind to take us.

We started dancing, vibrating with other
Smelling of Divine Passion
I blinked. You were not there.
I closed my eyes. You were still with me.

Time as a currency, or how to become rich.

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Photo by Kevin on Unsplash

There is an infinite amount of activities we could–and probably would love to–fill our lives with: playing golf for hours on end, going on an extended vacation with our lover, reading, knitting, sailing… whatever floats your boat, you have probably dreamed of dedicating larger chunks of your life to it.

Sadly, the amount of time we have at our disposal is not unlimited.

As human beings we are confined to certain physiological and social obligations. We need to eat and sleep. We function within a society which requires us to adapt to certain norms, such as taking time to wash ourselves, respectfully standing in queues, or attending particular events–even if we’d rather be somewhere else. …

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