(As they cross over a highway, she notices that he stopped walking.)

- What are you looking at? (She asks.)
- Highways always had a special significance for me.

(He keeps looking at the constant flow of passing cars).

- I became the person who I am today because of them.
- What do you mean?
- I always wanted to travel, but my family had little money. So the only way for me to go to far places was to hitchhike. Highways gave me the freedom to travel, and traveling guided me to find myself.
- Do you still associate them with this feeling of freedom?

(He continues to look.)

- Yes and no. There’s an old part of me which connects with this particular feeling of openness that traveling always brought me. It’s kind of like an anchor in my past, holding all the precious moments and connections that happened. And now, this very moment is also connected to it somehow. But also, I can’t help but hear the noise and feel the heaviness of fumes in the air. And this shows me that I have changed.
- In what way?
- I’m still seeking adventures, but I’d rather move by foot, bicycle or sailboat.
- I can understand that. An experience you’re having right now brought up and old feeling, which is still *anchored* inside of of you and perhaps brings up some nostalgia. But also you’re noticing the contrast between how your past and present self connect to that feeling.

(He smiles.)

- You can always put my feelings into words.

(He turns to her.)

- Do you have any anchors like these?

(She looks within.)

- Whenever I’m in a city where I used to live in the past I am simultaneously transported back to the state of mind I was in back then, while also being my present self. And the gap between these two *me-s* becomes crystal clear.
- I can relate to that.
- That feeling is especially powerful when visiting my family home. It’s like a multidimensional mirror, reflecting different parts of my life, so I can see my entire history right in front of me. The funny thing is, that in this particular case, I often respond in a way that my past self would. It’s just so automatic.
- It happens to me, as well. It’s almost like the presence of my family channels my past self to emerge from within, or rather, a very specific set of traits and behaviours of that self. And many times I’m not even aware that my past self takes over and reacts as it would back then.
- Do you ever manage to catch yourself doing that?
- It happens, but it’s still quite rare. But I’m usually noticing what happened very quickly, and I just keep on bringing my attention to it. It gets better with time.

(She smiles.)

- Being with our families is a great mindfulness practice.

(They laugh softly. Then she asks.)

- Do you experience this with other people?

(He’s quick to answer.)

- Meeting people I was friends with in the past, but lost contact over the years. It’s actually a great test of connection.
- What do you mean?
- If there’s not much connection between us anymore, but somehow I am interacting with them beyond a quick hello, then I kinda become the person I used to be with them in the past, back when we had some kind of connection. We revive old memories and stuff like that. Perhaps the discomfort of admitting to each other that we don’t have much in common anymore brings up our past selves that did.
- What if the connection is still strong?
- Then we have a wonderful time, connecting as our present selves, while having the mutual awareness of our past selves, both of ourselves and the other person. It’s kind of like the multidimensional mirror you mentioned, but we’re both looking at it together and we can see all of the reflections.
- It sounds like a beautiful moment.
- It really is. And the longer our relationship extends into the past, the more we can see.

(She looks at him.)

- I guess people are amazing anchors in time.

(He smiles at her.)

- You can always put my feelings into words.

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