(Note: I wrote this scene while listening to Path 5 by Max Richter (Youtube | Spotify). It flows beautifully with it in the background.)

(She’s squatting on the floor, right outside of her door. He’s standing next to her.)

She: How were your last few days?

(He takes a breath.)

He: It feels like a bomb exploded in my life.

(She looks up at him.)

He: I didn’t really have plans for these next few months, but I had a pretty good idea about what I want to do. And suddenly everything changed and I have to go away for a while.

She: How does it feel?

He: To be honest, I don’t really feel like leaving, but in the same time, I’m okay with it. I know that it will challenge me in new ways and I’ll find joy in the process, but also, I can’t wait for this exact moment of arriving back, knowing that I don’t have to go anywhere. I can feel this moment right now. It’s strange. I always loved moving.

(He squats down next to her.)

She: Do you want to come inside?

He: No, it’s okay. I’ll be on my way soon and I don’t want to make your floor dirty.

(A moment passes.)

He: How were your last few days?

She: Strange. After our last conversation something shifted and I finally managed to let go. And just like that I found joy in my life again. Things seem to flow and it’s kinda crazy how easy that was.

He: You seem very vibrant, but I can also sense some darkness around you.

She: There is. I surrendered to this wave and I feel no resistance anymore, but I’m constantly shifting between happiness and feeling down. I feel like I’m on drugs all the time. There’s so much happening inside of me and it feels so intense. I feel alive, but it’s painful. Literally painful. My left ear hurts.

He: It seems like you’re going through a big transformation.

She: It’s just been a very intense couple of days for me. A lot of synchronicities.

(She rubs her ear.)

She: Do you want some chocolate or tea?

He: No, It’s okay. I’m going.

She: I guess I won’t see you for a while.

He: That’s true. I wasn’t sure if I should come here today, but I’m happy I did.

She: I’m happy, too. What can I give you?

He: You don’t need to give me anything.

She: I want to give you something.

(She has an idea.)


(She disappears for a moment and returns with a feather.)

She: That’s for you. Now fly.

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