Life has been very intense lately.

He shares as she lies down on the grass wrapped in a blanket.

Tell me about it.

He tastes an infusion in his big blue cup.

I have opened myself up to a possibility that possibilities are infinite and one by one, all my wishes are manifesting.

Her eyes are glowing, as she smiles at him.

I know exactly what you mean. I don’t sleep much, but I feel so much energy. I fall asleep at two am and wake up three hours later. It’s strange.

What’s your energy source? Practices? Experiences? People?

It feels more like a shift inside of me.

What kind of shift?

I’ve met a person and something changed. Things started to flow at an incredible pace. I know this might end tomorrow, but it feels amazing.

He smiles to himself.

Funny you say that. Yesterday I’ve realised that this life I have right now is wonderful, but the state of things that make it so will surely change at some point. As this thought slipped into my mind, I’ve noticed that I’m attached to how things are right now, and I don’t want to be attached to anything. Everything changes.

Her smile is warm and soothing.

Everything changes. For the better.

‘Moments of Connection’ is my attempt at wrapping in words these magical moments when everything make sense and you feel connected with yourself the Universe (whatever that means). If you liked ‘Shift’, then perhaps you’ll like ‘Waiting’, ‘Shattered’, ‘Anchors in Time’, ‘Feather’, ‘Infinity’, and ‘Timeless’. I also have a Patreon account, if you feel generous and want to bring a huge smile on my face💜.

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