When was the last time you ran naked through your town?

A self-coaching tool based on intuition, to guide you through emotional release.

Michal Korzonek
May 22, 2018 · 4 min read
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Try it one day, it feels amazing. // Photo by the author.

Sometimes there is just too much to handle.

Perhaps you’ve been repressing your emotions for quite a long time. Maybe your work is a source of chronic stress. Or maybe your parent, partner or colleague gets you so angry that you are about to blow, but you’re afraid of consequences. Better keep my mouth shut, you keep telling yourself as you push the anger down your throat. The tension keeps growing.

I can empathize. In fact, sometimes I feel like a ticking time bomb about to cover the world around me with a thick layer of slimy filth. Tic-toc, motherfuckers. Tic-toc.

Your own cleansing tool

Exploding is always an option and, in some cases, it’s not necessarily the worst one. On the other hand, what if all the tension within could be not only defused, but actually cleansed, just like a dirty cotton diaper washed with motherly love?

The process which has been working for me is a combination of free-writing, intuition, guided meditation and self-coaching.

You’ll need a piece of paper, a pen and some free time, preferably in a space where you can be comfortable and undisturbed.

Begin with relaxing your mind and taking a deep breath.

What is your intention for this journey? What challenges are you facing at the moment? What brings you stress? Making the process intentional can significantly speed you up, but if you can’t think of anything, don’t despair — just trust the process. It’s here to help you reveal what you cannot see just yet.

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One piece of the puzzle. Full illustration at the end.

How it works

As you “sink” into the paper, begin to write whatever feels right in whatever way you want. Turn the page. Doodle. Break the pen in half and spill the ink all over. You can even fold the paper into an origami swan.

It might seem far-fetched, but your subconscious already knows the problems and solutions. The only thing you need to do is to actually access this knowledge and allow your conscious mind to integrate it into your life. The way to do it is to tune yourself and follow your intuition.

And hopefully, as you explore what’s on your mind, you might come across questions. They are the treasure we are looking for.

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Another piece.

What to ask myself?

Ever heard of coaching? Well, if not, let me tell you that it’s simply a way of supporting another person in order to identify and reach their goals (in life, business, relationship or whatever else they wish), through asking them the right questions.

Contrary to consulting, coaching is not about suggesting the best possible fix. In fact, the coach guides their coachee, allowing them to find their own solution — one that’s fully integrated with themselves. The answers come from within; the coach only provides the mirror to see them.

Let me share a little secret: you can be your own coach and you don’t need much experience. In fact the only thing to do is to ask yourself questions. You will know when you hit the right ones: they trigger discomfort. Maybe you’ll be embarrassed to answer or afraid of what you’ll find. Maybe there will be an entirely different reason.

Whatever happens, keep digging. You are right on track.

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And another one.


As you doodle around answering questions and getting to the very bottom of your soul, you might come up with interesting ideas.

I guess you might imagine what mine was. Yup: I ended up running naked and screaming my lungs out at 4 in the morning.

Perhaps it was somewhat barbaric and socially unacceptable, but it allowed me to release an immense amount of tension. I still do it sometimes and it works like a charm every single time. There’s no fear or shame when it comes to following my intuition, I guess.

The aftermath is wonderful. The bomb stopped ticking and gently melted into a warm and calming wave of positive energy.

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Full illustration by the author.

First published in The Barbarian Journal #1, created, printed and assembled collectively at the Institute of Barbarian Books in Kaminojiri, Japan.

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