Back in the days of the psychonautic adventures of my youth (🧙‍♂️), we’ve observed a particular kind of interaction: a brief exchange of smiles with a lonely stranger, sometime around 4am, often in the middle of what we used to call “transit zones”—vast urban spaces where you have absolutely no reason to be, unless you decided to skip / couldn’t afford a taxi and took a (very) long walk home.

We called this the Captain’s Smile.

It said: “I can tell that you’ve had a great night. I can see that you’re exhausted from partying / dancing / god-knows-what-else-I’m the same, bruv. And we both know that there’s still A LOT to walk. …

Based on the work of some of the greatest world-class experts on productivity, complexity thinking, health and wellbeing, and more

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Do you feel stuck inside your own head? Do you crave change, but don’t know where to start?

What you need is a paradigm shift.

This article provides you with a list of journaling exercises based on tested tools by world-class experts and thought-leaders (from fields as diverse as health and fitness, habit-building, productivity, business, minimalism, and relationships — among others) that will help you get unlocked, see things differently, and start fresh.

Some of them were already exercises in their original form (such as Tim Ferriss’s ‘ Fear-Setting’ ), and the other ones were adapted from principles and models (such as the ‘Quality/Quantity Trade-off’ or James Clear’s ‘Plateau of Latent Potential’ ), and turned into journaling practices that you can apply to your own experiences. …

An action packed, 3-step method to keep you on track every day.

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You are 100% committed to work effectively towards your goal today.

But then… Nothing happens. So, with a strong resolve, you commit not to procrastinate tomorrow, only to watch with horror as your monkey mind joyfully hops all over the place, engaging in anything but the one thing that you should be doing.

Sounds familiar? At least that’s how it often feels like for me.

Here are two things you need to know in order to beat procrastination:

  1. You need to start doing the (important) task at any cost and stay focused for long enough to get it done. …


Michal Korzonek

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