Peace Out, About Dialogs
Daniel Foré

Hi Guys, I’m not sure if this is the best way to report this, but I just tried to pay for ‘Vocal’, the podcast application in the AppCenter, and it didn’t work. I am using the same credit card that I use to buy stuff on the internet (I paid for Loki successfully when it came out with the same card).

When I fill out the payment details, it says ‘There was a problem processing your payment.”

Does the email need to be tied to the Stripe service in some way? Mine is not.. also, in the payment window, when it asks to fill in MM/YY, it doesn’t matter if I put in the slash or not, but it never indicates which option is the correct one.

Have other people reported issues with payments? I never have problems with paying for stuff on the internet wit this card, so I wonder what is wrong. I live in EU.

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