Tips For Shipping And Packing Gifts

Many times people find on unwrapping a gift that it is broken, or crushed, or just mangled beyond repair. All the time and money that was spent to choose the perfect gift has turned into a broken mess for the recipient. Hence proper packing and shipping are required.

For those who are reusing old shipping boxes, it is important to remove all the old shipping labels. This is because any old barcodes or even addresses that may be there on the box can lead to the box getting mailed to the wrong address. It can surely cause confusion and lead to slowing down of the shipping process. Also, old labels signify that the person does not care.

There are free boxes being provided by major shippers as well as the U.S. postal service. There are all kinds of boxing and packaging options available based on what is being sent, its weight and the dimensions and so on. In case of very small items, there are free envelopes or mailers available and boxes may not be required.

There can also be limitations on the size of the items or their weight with regard to the size of the boxes. In case of very fragile items, it is best to use larger boxes that can accommodate extra cushioning that can include bubble wrap or even peanuts around these items.

The H-tape method must be used in order to apply tape to any package properly. This way the package will not open up. This would require applying tape along all the open seams of the box while sealing it. Even in the case of an irregularly shaped box, the tape must be applied along all the open seams in order to seal it properly. Certain items would require differently shaped containers. Tubes can be used for anything made of paper or any other item that is long and narrow. Both the ends of the tube must be properly sealed with tape.

The quality of the tape makes a difference while sealing the package. Plastic tape or reinforced paper tape can be used for packages that are 2 inches wide. Cellophane tape should be avoided as it is not very strong. Also, duct tape should not be used. Even rope or string should not be used to seal packages as it can get caught and break. Or else, the recipient may end up having mangled packages.

In case of very fragile items, a box within a box can provide the required protection. It is just that the inside box must be completely protected and insulated. For this, crumpled newspaper, or peanuts or some other form of cushioning material can be used. This is required to restrict movement.

While using crumpled newspapers, the newspaper ink can easily bleed off and smudge onto the other materials it comes in contact with.

While shipping baked goods, it is important to ship moist and firm stuff. Things like unfrosted cakes, or muffins, or fudge, chocolate chip, or even oatmeal and bar cookies are the best for shipping. They can be shipped in aluminum containers that are disposable. Cakes should be packed snugly in tins. Cookies must be packed individually. They must be put in a food container first. These can be packed into a shipping package after that.