How do leaders bring value to design?

I’ve been experimenting with design since my teenage years. After a decade at a software company, I recognized the real value of my contributions. I understood my vital strengths, (almost) stopped pushing pixels, and became a leader. Today, I set out to find the elements that turn a great design into a flexible, enduring mechanism.

As more products and services wish to offer top-tier experiences, the effects of successful designs are increasing. Everyone wants an incredible website and a perfect mobile app. Most of us require ease of use, speed, security, and reliability. But who can satisfy such high expectations?

The main ingredient

Enjoy your design career and steer away from burnouts

I spent nearly a decade working in a B2B company that develops flexible apps for (big) data management. It used to feel a bit scary to be the only designer onboard. Although I began as a web developer, I quickly moved towards a role that allowed me to influence more aspects of the whole brand. As a Creative Director, I have gone through many highs, a few failures, and an exhausting burnout. Sounds familiar? How do you tackle the responsibility, workload, and challenges of a fast-paced business? How do you become a great contributor and thrive for years to come?

Michal Danek

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