During a longterm exposure to a hard-to-maintain monolithic applications full of legacy solutions, it’s hard to keep a good attitude and motivation. This guide is a set of 10 good thoughts and ideas how to cope with such situations and improve on two fields: personal skillset and the code quality.

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The dilemma

To rewrite or not to rewrite.

This is the question most of the teams maintaining and developing a legacy ever-evolving applications are being asked all the time, or keep asking all the time. Or at least have in their minds all the time.

This is sometimes a hard question and sometimes it’s not that difficult. However in any case it’s beyond of the scope of this guide. This guide is aimed at people who need to work with such code, even if there is a major rebuild effort going on or one is planned — sometimes we just need somebody to handle that legacy thing which “is just working” and is the stallion of the business. …

Do you need to develop a new Wordpress theme or plugin? Just brew you espresso to warm your mind and let Dockerpresso set your development environment :)

The problem

Right now I’m starting few new Wordpress based projects and I wanted to systematize their development environments. After switching to Docker, I use it for every project, which gives me full isolation between applications and their technological stacks. Before, when I defined application runtime in Vagrantfiles I soon ended with disk full because of virtual disks.

Today I have one Vagrant run VM with Docker installed there and that’s it. Everything else is done at an application level. Thanks to Dockerfile and Docker Compose (and crane previously) I can attach application runtime configuration to the code. There are third-party libraries dependencies in composer.json, bower.json, package.json …


Michał Rączka

Web developer http://raczka.me/

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