During a longterm exposure to a hard-to-maintain monolithic applications full of legacy solutions, it’s hard to keep a good attitude and motivation. This guide is a set of 10 good thoughts and ideas how to cope with such situations and improve on two fields: personal skillset and the code quality.

The dilemma

This is the question most of the teams maintaining and developing a legacy ever-evolving applications are being asked all the time, or keep asking all the time. Or at least have in their minds all the time.

This is sometimes a hard question and…

Do you need to develop a new Wordpress theme or plugin? Just brew you espresso to warm your mind and let Dockerpresso set your development environment :)

The problem

Right now I’m starting few new Wordpress based projects and I wanted to systematize their development environments. After switching to Docker, I use it for every project, which gives me full isolation between applications and their technological stacks. Before, when I defined application runtime in Vagrantfiles I soon ended with disk full because of virtual disks.

Today I have one Vagrant run VM with Docker installed there and that’s it. Everything else is…

Michał Rączka

Web developer http://raczka.me/

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