The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

So I saved 1500 bucks on my new laptop. Took me a while. Not easy to do in Poland. I went to Apple store to buy my first Mac. I am PC guy so it was big step for me. I know everything about PC hardware but almost nothing about Apple products. I figured, they use Intel now, and almost every component are same noways. Just better software and execution.
So I am in the store. Excited. Touching all devices like little girl (I am a man). First impressions — great. OK, so now lets choose one. Macbook Pro was first choice but way over my budget. I would had to spend over 2 grand to get what I need. Macbook or Macbook Air it is. I make music so I need a lot of usb ports for my hardware. Wait. Only ONE freacking USB? Are you serious. I was thinking, OK I can get a hub, I can live with that. Next I tried to flatten screen as I often need my laptop to adjust screen angle. Nope. Stuck in maxed out position. Not mentioning that I can’t turn screen other way round to make a tablet like device, where other laptops can do it for years. OK. I thought I can live with that. Next I touched screen to launch an app. Nothing. Wait….is this possible? 2016 and no touch screen. I asked shop rep for Macbook with a touch screen. He smiled. I was shocked. Seriously? No touch screen! What year is that? Then I looked at spec. It was weak. Seriously weak for the price with outdated processor about 1–2 generations back. Feck that I thought. They are years behind with their products. Innovation my ass. 
To sum it up:

  • Outdated processor
  • Weak spec. for the price (considering that you can buy other brands premium ultra books now which are made within same quality range).
  • No touch screen on ANY model (it’s a laugh really)
  • No Yoga style model. OR any other model than just a laptop like in year 1999
  • Connection ports for idiots — Meaning only one. Just to screw you guys because if you want 2 USB you have to pay 1000 more for pro version. Apple logic.
  • Stupid USB cable was over 20 bucks. I thought — if stupid cable costs so much I bet whole life with Apple is stupid expensive.

I left the store shocked and laughing at Apple products. Beautifully crafted turds. I went to other store and bought premium ultra book for that price with top shelf spec, touch screen and convertible tablet mode which is extremely useful combined with touch screen. Something like MS Surface.

Eat that Apple!

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