Signals Presale — Successfully heading to the hard cap!

Signals Token Presale has started!

Register and purchase SGN Presale Tokens. For each SGN token you get during presale, you’ll get a 30% discount. The hard cap for the presale is set to 1364.8 ETH.

These sentences can be found on the main page! Signals’ presale started on November 22th and they are currently at 86% of presale hard cap which is set for 1364.8ETH that supposed to be $500 000 USD (by the time of writing this article ETH is worth $475 each — that would be $650 000 USD in case the presale hard cap is reached).

What surprised me a lot is a fact that Signals.Network has achieved this amazing score with very limited and restricted marketing and promoting!


Signals.Network is a platform that will enable cryptocurrency traders to create their own trading bots or signals that they will be able to use and let them trade automatically without their intentions or creators of these bots will be able to sell those bots on the platform. The best part is that you do not need to be an IT specialist nor genius. You only need to understand the crypto market and signals so that your strategy is working.

On the other hand you can buy these bots and signals packages so they can trade automatically without your manual action even if you are at work or on a holiday. What I personally love about Signals’ platform is a fact that you will see each bot’s score and review by users who already use them so there is no shady aspect as we can usually see in shady website where you can buy bots without any review or guarancy.


Automatic trading by bots is only one aspect you can use and pay for. Another one is an option that the bot would notice your phone that the signal has been recognized and it is absolutely up to you whether you give a consent to the bot to trade the signal or whether you choose waiting tactic and let it go.

Presale and ICO, what is what and when to invest?

The presale period is live right now and already 86% of presale’s hard cap has been reached! You can participate via this link!

During the presale you have 30% discount from the ICO price which is 0,36usd/SGN. That means that presale price is $0.25/SGN.

You may ask why there is presale and discount for that period. It is pretty simple, it is about risk/reward ration. Several % from eth raised during the presale will be used to marketing and PR. That means that if Signals didnt make it for the Soft cap ($2 000 000 USD) presale investors would get their contributions back without % that would be spent for the marketing. If you ask me then if you consider contributing I would do it now! during the presale. Why? Because Signals has raised around $500k USD without any massive marketing and I have no doubt about crossing the soft cap. There is no reason to not invest with 30% discount!

By the writing of this article only around 180 eth ramains for the presale, so feel free to top it off today!

Video Review

If you dont want to spend your time reading the WhitePaper, feel free to check out my youtube review about Signals below!

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