‘Zootropolis’ — Can we have an evolved society?

It takes the genius of Disney magicians to tell a simple story that touches on the most important themes and struggles of modern life in such an effortless and brave way.

Obviously, you expect a certain quality from every Disney animation and Zootropolis doesn’t disappoint. It’s beautiful — a technical masterpiece. It’s incredibly well-paced and written — that’s a given. But what’s so important is the moral of the story and how the film deals with complexities of life in a way that’s both thought-provoking and digestible.

Racism, xenophobia, multi-culturalism, sexism, discrimination, bullying, ignorance, racial profiling — it’s all there, discussed with no stigma and prejudice. The metaphors have never been cleverer and more fitting. We needed to have talking animals pretending to be people to understand basic sociological concepts.

Zootropolis makes you appreciate how much we have evolved as a society and shows the dangers of giving up on empathy and resorting to quick misinformed conclusions.

And it’s such a delight to watch, too. This should be a compulsory viewing for everyone and the fact that the message is wrapped in a playful CGI animation makes me more hopeful for what life values the kids of today will unconsciously carry forward.

Go watch it. Now.

// originally posted on my old blog

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