How to Reward a Perfectionist without Destroying Their Life
Paul Ellsworth

I so wish someone would have told me all those things when I was a teenager. While I wasn’t diagnosed with OCD, I can say that there are truly a lot of parallels between the “you” described back then and the “me” of back then. I killed myself trying to be perfect. And I mean literally… I caused my body so much stress and strain… and here I am at the age of 48 and still dealing with the fall out of living a life that was constantly under “stress” and “distress.” My naturopathic doctor tells me it’s adrenal fatigue. In researching that… it definitely explains a lot of my health issues and concerns. I also deal with depression, anxiety, and at times even panic attacks. I’m constantly battling my weight, insomnia, and fatigue.

But today, I no longer strive for perfect. All the things you mentioned, I’ve learned along the way and believed them for myself. But it sure would have been nice to have heard those affirmations earlier in life. I am trying to enjoy the journey and not get caught up in the minor details. But the effects of a life under stress… they don’t go away even when you change the way you look at life. So now that’s the focus, get my mind in order and pray my body will follow.

Thanks for sharing this Paul. The kids who are fortunate to have you as their teacher are blessed. I’m so glad God directed you back to your passion. You are making a difference!

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