I watched a video this morning which lead me to watching the Cornell Lab’s live cam on Kauai Laysan Albatrosses… kind of soothing. Imagine being at sea for six years, and having to learn to walk again.

 I started writing a poem, as one does. It is NaPoWriMo, after all.

 Chilly, and broken-sharp
 Gypsum bones in the wind:
 Thoughts swirl; pile on
 Not crystalline, not clear.
 Those devilish details,
 the little cat mews.

 I’ll not harp; never mind.
 The urge has gone; never fear.
 Wails and fails…
 But thanks iac, ScienceNews.

 Has the sun set on satire in children’s stories? Who Will Think of the Children?

h/t: Trump for Young Readers/Eric Alterman

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