Go fuck yourself.

I came to the comments section because I knew someone would say “Benghazi” and act like it ends the conversation. That this one incident proves she’s unfit and no further discussion is needed. This mentality makes people like you incapable of using logic and reasoning to compare candidates. We as humans have evolved from letting fear run our lives. Use your evolved brain to think past Benghazi. The “flip flopping” argument is ridiculous. I’d rather have someone who is capable of changing their position when shown it is reasonable and logical to do so, than to have someone stick to their guns no matter what even in the face of logic. Lastly, think about what “make ‘Merica great” actually means. When was America great? What did it mean to be great back then? What, you want people to have abundant manufacturing jobs? America has evolved from that. Support getting our children educated to participate in the Information Age. Why do you want the US manufacturing shit for others? Shouldn’t we be leading the way in this technological revolution? Does “make ‘Merica great again” mean going back to a time when you can suppress women and minorities? Give me a break. Humans weren’t put on this planet to serve you. Think, what does this actually mean, instead of chanting it because it feels good.