Child abuse by strangers and stranger rape are rare.
Liz Smith

“ Child abuse by strangers and stranger rape are rare. That never stopped parents feeling worried about their kids going out. Or women worried to walk around alone at night. You can quote statistics at people all you like but they will still rely on their own experience.”
So in other words you don’t care about facts that aren’t part of your personal experience, to you nothing exists beyond your direct perception. You must live in a terrifying world.

“ My experiences in the US tell me that in certain places (not everywhere, but in some locations) a racially mixed couple or group of people are not welcome.”
Being “not welcome” is not the same as having to fear for your life. Of course conveniently I can’t check your “personal experience”, whereas you can check everything I’ve said. So am I supposed to just believe that someone who called me racist for no reason is telling the truth? Someone who openly says that they treat people differently because of race? Yeah I’m gonna call BS.

“ People might not lynch anymore, there may be no actual violence,”
So then claiming that there might be is racist bullshit. Great glad we’re on the same page finally.

“ I remember a white dude having a go at me about being with a black guy (not even my boyfriend at the time) and it was all, what, white dick not good enough for you, and his friends chucking around the n-word.”
One group of white guys was a dick and therefore you think it’s OK to treat ll white men as dicks. Great, that’s pretty much how most racists justify their actions.

“ Why the fuck should I or anyone else have to put up with that shit?”
In your case because you’re just as bad a racist as they are. Except you’re prepared to do it where you KNOW it’s being recorded. In private I assume you’re worse.

“ And why should anyone be told they’re racist for fearing that they might encounter it in certain places because white fragility?”
But again she didn’t say that she was afraid she might encounter hostility. She said she was afraid for her life. The fact that you can’t defend her actual actions, but must attack mine shows you KNOW you’re wrong.

“ I don’t give a flying fuck if you agree with me or not”
No you want me to cower before you and virtue signal but you don’t actually care if I believe you or not. You’re after power not conversion.

“as much as you like for woe is me oppressed white dude, but you are part of the problem.“

Yes the problem being that people like me won’t let you get away with being a racist. Look you tried to shame me and it didn’t work because I’m not ashamed of my beliefs, which you haven’t shown include racism. You’re ashamed of yours which is why you won’t claim the title racist, although you clearly are.

Look you’ve agreed that what she said was wrong, yet you continue to smear people who object to her saying it. So what the hell is your problem? Oh that’s right, you need to virtue signal how you’re anti-racist, because you’re not.

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