I walked out of the Brisbane Writers Festival Keynote Address. This is why.
Yassmin Abdel-Magied

“ It became about mocking those who ask people to seek permission to use their stories.“

Oh good, because those people should be mocked. I play RPGs (paper and pencil) do you have to ask my permission to write a story about a gamer? I’m a straight, white, cisgendered, son of middle class parents. Do you have to ask my permission to write about the culture of such a character? Of course not and it’s absurd to think it. Write a story about someone like me, or hell even me thinly disguised, I don’t care as long as it’s a good story.

“It became a celebration of the unfettered exploitation of the experiences of others, under the guise of fiction.”

Excellent, I love when my celebrations are unfettered. The experiences of others are the fuel of all fiction that isn’t thinly disguised autobiography. While I might want to read thinly disguised autobiography at some point it’s not my only taste. You do not own the sole right to use your experiences in fiction, or hell even in non-fiction. Others can write about you and people like you. You do not own the ideas. This is basic IP law, and it’s right.

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