It is not racist for a black person to say how they feel in an all white space and I am not racist…
Liz Smith

It is if how they feel is due to racism, which it is. You don’t even PRETEND that she was in actual danger, but it’s OK for her to say she fears for her life because there’s lots of white people? Yes you are racist because if I did the same thing with races reversed you’d hit the roof. That’s what racism is remember? It’s not simply not supporting everything a black person says no matter how disgusting.

And the “white fragility” thing is even more racist. I specifically said I don’t care that much, but if I care at all about racism directed at whites, I’m “fragile”. Meanwhile of course if a black person encounters, or says they encounter, racism we all have to act horrified. Look you’re racist, you’re clearly upset that I won’t be racist with you and you’re a horrible person. Not because you’re racist, but because you want people to bow down before you, even when you know you’re in the wrong.

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