You seem to be reacting rather than responding.
James Elliott

“ Maybe if you tried to reframe your argument asking whether or not racism is a social construct used by white people to continuously oppress people of color because of physical attributes,”
Do you think that racism is only used by white people? Really? Because if you’re telling me I should “reframe” my argument about you being a racist to take something into account that is only valid in certain circumstances, it’s a distraction. If you’re saying I have to do this because all racism is by white people you’re a racist. Which you’ve already shown yourself to be.

“ you could ask yourself why you harbor animosity toward people of color using social constructs that were passed down from one generation to another,”
Why should I ask myself that when you’re the racist. You’re specifically putting forward racist views. You’re specifically saying that you treat people differently depending on their race. And you don’t deny this. You don’t apologize for it. You simply start talking about me and what’s wrong with me. That’s irrelevant to you being a racist.

“ Hope this helps!”
No you don’t. If you wanted to post something that helped you’d address my points.

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