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“ Signed in June, SB43 requires workers claiming discrimination bias by employers to prove that bias was the clear reason for termination — something that is almost impossible to do. Employees are also blocked from suing the individuals responsible for any alleged bias; only businesses themselves can be sued. SB43 additionally removes whistleblower protections for Missouri state employees.”
So they’re issuing a travel warning because black people might get unjustly fired and not be able to sue. That’s asinine. It’s not more dangerous to travel through Missouri due to this law. This is the sort of stunt that gets white people to say “Yeah you’re claiming racism, but why should I believe you after that Missouri bullshit?”.

“ Missouri NAACP President Nimrod Chapel Jr. has since called the measure a “Jim Crow bill” — an intentional nod to racial segregation.”
Which it clearly isn’t. Nobody is turning firehouses on blacks because they want to sit next to them at a lunch counter. We’re talking about making it more difficult to sue someone, that’s it.

“ Activists argue SB43 is a blatant attack on the rights of minorities, who they say are more likely to suffer incidents of bias in the workplace.”

Only if you believe they have a right to win a lawsuit without proving what happened. Or indeed if you believe you have the right not to be discriminate against by non-government people. The latter is NOT as easy to prove as you might think. Discrimination might be morally horrible, but so is adultery and that doesn’t violate rights.

“ Warnings like those issued by the Bahamas and Texas proved to be effective rallying tools in combating discriminatory legislation.”
Yes it’s all about propaganda in other words. Say something sensational and you get the money and support.

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