I don’t understand how people are so pervasively misreading this.
Alex Haagaard

So then when exactly is it not OK? It is just the fact that no Nigerian woman can get a story published about her experiences? Or is there something more? What if no Nigerian women are writing about their experiences? Maybe they all the ones worth publishing want to write superhero stories. Nigeria is a poor country, I won’t fault them for going where the money is.

But that doesn’t matter because it is ALWAYS OK to write a story about whatever you want, as long as it’s not an actual incitement to violence. You don’t own ideas or events just because they originated in your culture. If you did then Jews basically own superheros. And New York City Jews at that. How about Giant Robots? No Nipponese blood, no story? How about stories in the Star Trek Universe? Or Star Wars? At the moment any Inuit, Cherokee, Punjabi, Scot, German or Bantu can free take up their pen and write stories either in these universes or with ideas that came from them. You would end this, and for what? So you can stake a claim on the basis of, let’s face it, racism. And it’s a claim that would necessarily involve you giving up far more than you could ever gain. The exclusive use of an idea is not a good trade for the right to use thousands of other ideas.

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