Oh right, so you haven’t been unpleasant at all.
Liz Smith

So you think “racist” isn’t an insult? Really? Because it’s generally considered one.

“ Oh right, so you haven’t been unpleasant at all.”
I haven’t gone out of my way to be so and I haven’t made it part of my tactics. When I’ve mentioned something about you being a racist it’s because you were being a racist.

“ But when you call me a horrible person and say I’m bad at my job when you don’t know me,”

I know enough. I know that you call people racist for no reason other than to defend racists. I know that you use shaming tactics to avoid truth. You can’t do that and not be a horrible person, and I think it’s important that you know I know that.

And when you post that you have to distinguish between a narcissistic personality and someone who has been abused, demonstrating that you don’t know there’s a LOT of overlap, you show yeah, you shouldn’t be in PROVIDING mental health services.

“that’s the point where it crosses the “no longer a debate” line.” “

You never wanted a debate. You specifically ignored everything I said so you could try to shame me into submission. And that’s another reason I think you should consider whether or not you’re bad at your job. You have prejudices and you refuse to address them. You openly defend irrationality and seek to explain it rather than say “This should be fixed.”. Now if you were to say “Yeah that’s irrational and we should fix it, but it’s understand because of….” I’d understand. The thing is you wouldn’t understand if it was a white man would you?

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