As evidenced by at least one response here.

“ What I see with people that extremely “aren’t getting it” is that while they argue for their imaginative powers to write others outside their experience, they aren’t imaginative enough to understand our problems.“
Your problem is easy to understand, you want a monopoly on a set of ideas that you call “your experiences” and you’re upset that nobody is giving it to you. You blame the difficulty of publishing what you want to publish on this, rather than your skills as a writer.

Let me explain, the fact that you’re being out-competed by people who don’t share your culture doesn’t mean that you get to take their rights away. I’m sorry if you feel the market isn’t giving you a fair go. I’m sorry if what you feel is a unique perspective isn’t being appreciated. But ultimately the consumer defines quality, not the producer.

“ What I didn’t consider was how the colonial culture devours other cultures and spits it back in degraded form,”
Define “degraded”. Is Jazz “degraded” gospel music? Culture is changed, that doesn’t mean it’s degraded. In any case they can’t change or replace your culture, only you can do that. Really try thinking for a change.

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