This is an incorrect response, because the claim Laura made was POC are at higher risk for being…

“ When white men are killed by police, it’s NOT because of their whiteness.”
No but it is quite likely because of their gender.

“ Few if any people have been killed for sitting in their vehicle doing nothing wrong after being pulled over, while white.”

Citation needed. Why are you assuming that the vastly more numerous white men who are killed by police were doing something wrong? That is what you’re saying isn’t it? Other than racism or sexism what do you have to support this claim? The fact remains that white men are at more risk than black women or black Native Americans.

“ People of color, including women, are at higher risk than white men for being killed by police for doing NOTHING wrong besides driving or idling, while ALSO being a person of color. That was the point.”
Then support it. To do so you would have to show that white men are always or usually doing something to deserve their deaths when killed by police. Neither you nor Laura even tried to do that. I’m not sure how you would even start, since the police tend to claim that they were in imminent physical danger by violent offenders every time.

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