Thank you, Liz.

“ White people feel the need to belittle what it’s like to be black in America. “

Nobody is doing that.

“If we get racially discriminated against, it’s automatically our fault.”

Nobody is saying that.

“Where did racism come from in the first place? Who created it? WHITE PEOPLE.”

Wow, so you’re going to blame us all for the actions of some, most of whom are dead? Great so then Chinese people get to be racist towards Japanese. Really trying to blame another race for your personal failures is just pathetic.

“That’s not to say black people can’t be racist towards white people… but again, who created racism in the first place? Yeah… white people.”

Citation needed but irrelevant, if you’re racist today it’s your own fault.

“I’m a 36 year old woman. I remember being in the 1st grade,”

So some time about 1986, you’re complaining about stuff in the Reagan Administration.
“new to the school I was in. On the school bus, white boys throwing spit balls at me and calling me nigger.”

Terrible, but how does it justify black racism today?

“ I’m guessing some white person is going to reply and tell me how I’m at fault for that happening to me.”
Come down off the cross we need the wood.

“ Even now, being scawled at by a white person because we just happen to lock eyes while I’m pumping gas into my car. Um excuse me, ma’am, is it wrong that I’m pumping gas just like you are?”
OK what is “being scrawled at”? Does it mean the same as “looking at me funny”?

“ Victim shame if you want to, Marty and Michael, but it’s not going to change how we feel around you all.”
She’s not the victim, she choose to be racist and got some mean tweets. A white man that did the same would get the same. Meanwhile YOU ARE DEFENDING A RACIST. And you’re doing it in ways that say it’s OK for you to be racist too.

“ I’ll never trust or feel comfortable around a ton of white people. Does that make me racist, no.”
Yes, yes it does. It’s pretty much the definition of racist.

“ And if you think it does then you’re the one who needs help. You’re the one who’s perpetuating racism.”
You are the one specifically saying that it’s OK to behave differently towards people because of their race. But let’s imagine for a moment that I’m misunderstanding you, how does calling me a racist or saying I’m perpetuating racism help? You’re not making an argument you’re just calling me a doody-head and saying people won’t like me if I don’t tow the line.

“ I’m just trying to live in a country built on racism while black. You’ll never understand how that feels no matter what I or any other black person says.”

Ok so you’re saying that white men for some reason are incapable of empathy. Yeah you’re not racist at all. But let’s assume that that’s true, how does it make the OP’s joke less racist? I mean I get that it’s hard to live as black person in America, but using that as an excuse is fundamentally dehumanizing to blacks. It’s saying “we can’t help being the way we are, we have no agency”.

“ Blah blah blah black crime this black crime that. Black crime, just like white crime, has NOTHING to do with white people treating black people differently because of their skin color so miss me with all that.”

I’m sure that racism has something to do with black crime, but black crime hit it’s peak WELL after racism started to decline. Bad as you might like to believe it is, racism in the 1990s was NOWHERE near as bad as the 1950s. So racism can’t take all the blame. But even if it could that wouldn’t change the fact that black crime is far more of a threat than white racism to black people. Not recognizing this is pure racism.

“ Come up with a better argument that actually has something to do with what the original story is about. I dare you…”
I did, now it’s your turn.

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