Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Someone once told me that if life was easy we would all be in the same place…it wouldn’t be hard, just pure chaos. If we all chose this “easy” path, how would we get anywhere in the world? Fear is an emotion that requires control. Experiencing fear and stepping out of your comfort zone is critical to getting ahead in life.

We aren’t saying stepping out of your comfort zone is an easy process. It takes constant training, developing, and learning to grasp the fear. So many of us struggle with this because we are our own worst critics. When we are faced with a challenge, we need to decide whether or not we accept the unexpected outcome.

So, how the HECK do we control fear? Again, this is not as easy as 1–2–3.

Reflect on all of the successful people in the world. Consider the five people you surround yourself with. Do they tend to always be one step ahead of you? If so, ASK them how they get ahead in life. Listen for emotional key-words. Take notes, carry them in your pocket, TRAIN & DEVELOP these behaviors everyday.

Read books. Multiple. For you non-readers, pick up short reads. Select topics that you are curious to learn about. If you try to force a book that you are not interested in, you’ll likely leave it on your bookshelf to collect dust. Not sure what topics? Begin with something you are good at, maybe you are a good listener. Then, take a topic that you are not at senior level yet, such as public speaking. Write down key statements that resonate with you. Again, carry those notes in your pocket, TRAIN & DEVELOP these behaviors.

Connect with people. No, not your parents’ friends. Peers that you meet at your kids’ birthday parties or in a security line at the airport. Take the time to listen and learn about them. We, as humans, tend to be wrapped up in our own little worlds that we forget we have a community that essentially is our support system. Why is this important? Because we can learn that people go through similar experiences and when we ask them questions it can make us feel comfortable that we are not alone.

Last, but not least, BE NAKED. Yes, I said it. Being vulnerable is extremely uncomfortable and probably the most prominent word to describe fear. When we are most fearful we go into instant “protect mode” — full of layers of self doubt that hinder our own performance. Shredding each layer is the secret ingredient to accepting oneself. Honest people shine the most and will reap the rewards in the end.

How do we REALLY know that any of this means anything?

Well,TRY IT. We are challenging you to step out of your comfort zone. Try one thing today and accept the unexpected outcome. I can guarantee something positive will come out of it, but the only way you will know is by trying and developing the behaviors.

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