Micheala knew from a very young age that her purpose and calling lay in the direction of caring for others. She always imagined she would end up serving her community as a doctor, but she saw another side of healthcare as an undergraduate student, when her grandmother passed away from a prescription drug interaction. This event called into question everything she had come to believe about the efficacy and wisdom of Western medicine, prompting her to abandon her studies in pre-med and look elsewhere for a more holistic pathway to achieve her dream of helping others live healthier lives as whole people. Her sense of calling led her first to the study of psychology, and then to an exploration of alternative medicine. It was here, in her first encounter with the theory, philosophy, and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that a new world opened up before her — she knew instantly that she had found her calling. Her graduate studies in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have confirmed in her the need for balance in every aspect of a person’s life in the same way that an ecosystem needs careful attention to every one of its members if the whole is to thrive. Her deep commitment to a holistic approach means every aspect of a person’s health and wellbeing is important to her in her relationships with patients— she brings a personal warmth and sense of genuine compassion with her into every consultation. She serves every client with a deep respect for their heart, mind, body and soul.

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