Here is a space for me to make movie reviews. I personally think review writing is not a overly exciting activity, it’s something that requires sophistication and precise opinion. I find it is something that remains in a professional realm in this sense, in the same time that is highly personal.

I write (and make video) movie reviews for the aim to improve my writing style - as part of my very last year of Arts and Media program at university…! - as to I’m just a humble writer. Nothing extraordinary, really. So, this movie review task is going to be turned into a stage for myself to discover identity through self expression in writing. Oh boy, this will be fun!

I don’t publish reviews for people who lives on Netflix (can we call these people Otaku’s?) and actually knows the entire history about Martin Scorsese and Brad Pitt, but for people like me. Who simply enjoys watching movies but names of the characters are more likely to be forgotten after 5 minutes of the end credit. And some times the narrative development is complicated and fast that… you just wonder what on earth the movie was all about!

I don’t have a professional knowledge in movies, but I do like to see movies from the perspectives of human psyche, also in the context of cultural and media studies. I’m most interested in why people may like the movie or why they might not. Why some movies may trigger interest for some people and not others. Therefore, my reviews will most likely be focused on these aspects.

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