As a book lover wandering around in a third world country book store(Fullybooked, a widely known bookstore in the Philippines).

Cebu, Philippines-

I have been to the Philippines many times before, and one particular day on the month of July 2015. I made a visit to one and probably the only prominent bookstore in the Philippines,Fullybooked, a “nations” bookstore filled with quite massive book selection, just from the fact they mostly sell books based on current trends on Amazon site and Barnes and Noble stores website, both large U.S book retailer companies.

But on that day, it all end up with major disappointments and huge surprises, despite with all their effort,even in a third world country, they still try their best to put a bookstore, with great selection, from classic literary titles to popular fiction.

Yet their bookstore staff and employees are still left way behind on how to deal with customer relationship, especially in a bookstore environment.

In other words, a bookstore staff and employees, that are illiterate, uncivilized and most especially uncouth.

So what I did wrote a letter later that night addressing it, to their head office and human resources department of Fullybooked store in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Here’s the letter that I wrote, from what I experience in one of their bookstores in Cebu, Philippines particularly at the Ayala Mall, a high end mall, popular to foreign tourist and elite Filipino mall goers:

Dear Fullybooked
On the night of 18th of July 2015.
I made a visit to one of your bookstores in Ayala Cebu, supposed to be, to purchased a book about investments. It happen that they have the book( a paperback edition only), but then I was kind of looking for the hardback edition. And yet they don’t have it in stocks for now, as I was informed, basing on the Amazon site.
So I decided to stay for a few minutes and just wander around the store, checking for new arrival books on display, which by the way I thought your second floor was close, since there is an on going renovation at the second floor of your store.
Moments later. I happened to see one customer heading down on the stairs from the second floor. And I thought to myself, it’s actually open. Right away, I checked out for more books upstairs.
While I was ascending on the stairs, I try to make some careful steps and watching at them at the same time, from the fact that only half of the steps can be used because of the on going renovation, which I understand.
One of your staff happened to be going down, while I was on the stairs. The moment I notice her, I started talking to her, while she was standing on the edge of the stairs, with a frown on her face, no sense of respect, just a plain blank looking face. The moment I got upstairs while she was heading down already, I overheard her right away saying “crazy” in a hard Cebuano accent (I think she thought I was talking to myself)
Either she is having a long day at work, family crisis, work relationship, maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend, doesn’t surprise me with her attitude,if that’s the case. I don’t know I can’t tell from my own perspective. But no matter what, calling a customer “crazy” is just uneducated, lack of training, ignorance and no sense of professionalism.
Aside from that who is she to say crazy, she can’t even properly pronounce the word “crazy,” because of her hard Cebuano accent.
If she’s having her personal problems, she shouldn’t bring it at work,just keep it to yourself.
And if she thinks she is being force to have a “shitty low job” while only getting a really low salary, I think she should resign right away and go back to school, and get a real better job. If that is what she thinks.
And by the way, the moment, I heard her saying the word “crazy.” I just ignored it and left the store right away without saying a word.
This is my second time to encounter this kind of similar situation, which I find it completely incomprehension of a fraud and uninformative for that particular staff, and hopefully not including the other staff members.
I do hope this will be resolve right away by the Human Resources department. I just met that staff, I don’t know what’s her job at the book store, but she was plainly a ill-mannered staff, she thinks she owns the bookstore, even if she did, she is still a uncouth and uncivilized staff.
I’m just like any other of your customers , a book buyer and a buyer at Fullybooked.
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