Multitasking: Public Enemy #1 of the Strategic Leader
Marc-Andre Olivier

Marc André,

Thank you very much for this clear presentation of multitasking and the illusion of productivity. I love the process you mentionned to start a new behaviour. Digging to find the root cause linked to the egosystem is crucial to find progressively more control and freedom.

Our brain is constantly awake and looking for highlights. Of course, as saliency management was a question of survival in the old days. Our reward system, in the limbic area of our brain, will drive our attention to catch any external event that could provide us some kind of pleasure. In order to inhibit this natural mecanism, it’s necessary to focus on a short time goal as you mentionned in the process. So the key is to divide the project or the task into very simple achievable steps. I have in mind the Pomodoro method which indicates to work up to 50mn and have a 10mn break then.

For more information on the attention process, Jean-Michel Lachaux drives interesting research

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