No Regrets

When you sometimes chat with an adult or a “grown up” and ask him: “What was your dream job ?” You will hear tem talking about that profession, for example professional athlete, doctor, engineer or police officer. Later on you might ask him: “What is your current profession ?” sadly he would give you a completely different answer compared to the one they gave you for the first question, now you maybe surprised and maybe not but anyways you will have another question coming to your mind which is “why aren’t you earning a living from your dream job?” the response to that question may sound like: “Because my parents didn’t want me to have that job, because my teacher/coach said i wasn’t good enough, because i didn’t have the opportunity and the “because’’ keeps on going, that is a sentence made out of excuses right?

See the thing is maybe these people never got an opportunity as they would say and some got the opportunity and didn’t do the rest or took it for granted. Let me explain myself:

Sometimes we have a dream in mind, something that we believe in, a goal, something that we wanna achieve but we just keep dreaming about it, talking to a friend about it or think about it. But we never really wanna make it our REALITY and keep on making excuses and saying i don't get the opportunity to reach my goal, our issue here is that these people think that the opportunity is just gonna come knocking on their door but THEY ARE WRONG, YOU HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY, i don't want you to one day think about that dream that you had and regret that you didn't give everything you had to get your goal, i don't want you to regret that you didn't go that inch i don't want you to regret that you didn't live the life you were talking about and dreaming about back in the day….so don't wait for that magical moment cause it ain't coming, don't wait for someone to do it for you cuz this person isn't existing, some might help you, some might give you ideas but no one is gonna do it for you, i want you to believe in your idea, i want you make a path, a road for yourself, that you will walk in it alone cause you're the only one that knows it, YOU are the creator, but i wanna give you a tip don't search for shortcuts, cuz you will lose a lot of time, you have to go through pain, do what you gotta do to get to the end of that road, work hard and don't accept average and then trust me if you go through that road with hard work, determination and passion you will succeed but you also need to have patience.

PS: The last three lines will be explained/expanded in the next text so stay tuned and give me your opinions on this one:)

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